When someone dies, his soul continues to exist in this World.

Many people believe in demons. This is a common belief all over the world. Most people believe that when someone dies, his soul continues to exist in this world. A 2019 survey by Paris-based research firm Ipsos found that 18% of people accept the idea of ghosts. People of this category have reported that they have seen ghosts or felt their presence at various times.

Ghost Clubs in England:

The oldest organisation on the world to devoted psychical research. though its history has not been continuous. The club still investigates mainly ghosts and hauntings. The Ghost Club is a  paranormal investigation and research organization, founded in London in 1862. Even prestigious universities such as Cambridge and Oxford have clubs dedicated to finding evidence of ghosts. In 1882, the most important group in the field, the Society for Psychical Research, was founded.

A woman named Eleanor Sidgwick played an important role in this group. In his research, he revealed that people living in different parts of the world were sending him various photographs showing the presence of Ashariri. Some opined that they don’t notice the ghost even when they are there, but then the ghost appears on the print paper. Some people even denied seeing the AI photo. When someone dies, Many people have reported their first experiences with ghosts.

When someone dies, his soul continues to exist in this World.
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A man named Professor David Fontana wrote about his personal experience with ghosts in a book. One day, when he entered the factory, darkness suddenly enveloped him. Suddenly, after the factory machinery started running, someone hit him and he fell down. Some other information was also revealed from the CCTV records inside the factory. According to the researchers, they have come across many strange and unexplained – mysterious and scary facts.

The club continues to meet monthly at a pub in central London. Several investigation are performed in the England every year. In recent times, investigations have also been organised in Scotland by the club’s Scottish Area Investigation Coordinator.