According to Chanakya, there are things you are working on now.

Have already read many articles about the teachings of the economist and philosopher Chanakya. Almost everyone knows how important the good advice he gave is. His words are literally true. Chanakya, also known as Kautilya, was a highly intelligent statesmans and strategist who lived in ancients India. He is considered one of the greatests political thinkers in Indian history and his treatises, the Arthashastra, is still widely studied today as a classic works on statecrafts, economics, and politics.

It is believed that if you obey all of them, you will live an orderly life. Some people also know Chanakya as Kautilya. He gave many proverbs on philosophy of life, which are still guiding people today. According to Chanakya, there are certain things that you do when you are old that will serve you well in old age. Because you know that old age is the hardest time of life.

At this time life has to be lived with the help of others. If you want to live a happy, peaceful life, then you must follow some of Chanakya’s words. Chanakya says that in old age you will be fed not by your children, but by the reforms you give to your children. Therefore, give your child the correct form from the age.

If you don’t show your good personality in front of your child, he will not respect you when he grows up. According to Chanakya, God resides not in the mind, but in the character. If you guard your character, all will respect you in old age. Never be proud of your position or power. Because the position or power is only up to the seat.

According to Chanakya, there are things you are working on now.
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Helping others is a great asset. The more you help people when you are old, the more help you will get when you get older. Never discriminate against anyone at home. Because you don’t know who will come to work for you in your old age.