Australian cricket team jersey and the Cricket World Cup 2023

The World Cup 2023 has already started and it is nothing short of a celebration for cricket lovers According to the latest information, the Australian team is batting first against India after winning the toss and set total 199/10 score in Chennai today.

So today we are not going to tell you about the World Cup 2023, India and Australia match. But about the Australian cricket team jersey. In fact, you can tell which country a player is from just by looking at the jersey they are wearing on the field While the jersey of the Australian team is yellow and green.

Today we will tell you what is the reason behind the color of the jersey being yellow. In fact, the colors of Australia’s jersey are associated with its national flower In fact, the national flower of this country is the golden wattle.

The leaves of golden wattle flower are green and its flowers are yellow On this basis, the color of Australia’s jersey is yellow. These flowers are beautiful to look at and while they originate from this country, the Australian jersey is completely yellow with green edges.

However, during the T20 series in 2020, the Australian team wore a new type of jersey to honor their team of 152 years ago. In fact, the jersey worn by the Australian team during this series was worn by the Australian team in 1868. In 1868, the Australian team toured abroad for the first time Meanwhile, the team arrived in Britain after a three-month sea voyage.

The so called ‘Golden Age’ of Australian cricket team occurred around the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century with the team under the captaincy of Joe Darling, Monty Noble and Clem Hill winning 8 of 10 tours.

Australian cricket team jersey and the Cricket World Cup 2023
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It is considered to have lasted from the 1897to 1898 English tour of Australia and the 1910 to 1911 South African tour of Australia.