Sahara-Sebi account money has attracted everyone’s attention.

After the death of the head of Sahara Group, Subrata Rai, Rs 25,163 crores lying in the Sahara-Sebi account has attracted everyone’s attention. The central government is considering depositing that money in a ‘consolidated fund’. Efforts have been made to find out what the legal system is. The system of refunding money to investors has been started since 11 years ago, while some money has been returned, the remaining money is falling in the SEBI-Sahara account. Despite repeated advertisements from SEBI informing the investors, no special demands are coming.

While hearing the case, the Supreme Court said that if even after multiple attempts, all the money could not be returned to the investors, then the money would be handed over to the Government of India. Keeping this in view, the option of depositing the Sahara Fund into the organized fund of the Government of India is now being considered. Then this money will be kept separately. If necessary, the money will be withdrawn and returned to the investor.

The remaining money will be used for the welfare of the poor, welfare programs and other welfare programs. In the last 11 years, 17,526 applications of Sahara depositors have been refunded Rs.138 crore. Sahara rupees will be particularly beneficial for the central government, which is trying to win the hearts of voters by increasing spending in the run-up to next year’s elections.

Sahara-Sebi account money has attracted everyone's attention.
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The company has answered the questions raised about the future of the company after the death of Subrata Roy, the head of the Sahara Group. A statement issued by the company said that the Sahara India family is a professionally managed organization. While the foundation of the organization is very strong, the structure of the organization is very well defined.

All business areas are managed by skilled professionals. Saharashri Subrata Ray will forever be our source of inspiration. The Sahara India family is committed to continuing its legacy and carrying forward its vision with the same energy and determination, the company said.