Pollution in Diwali is caused by fire crackers or burning crackers.

In our country, most of the pollution on Diwali is due to the burning of fire crackers or crackers. Furthermore, fire crackers emit toxic chemicals when they burn. It definitely makes it difficult for people to breathe. Fireworks in the United States release about 60,340 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of about 12,000 cars. In previous years, it has been observed that Delhi’s air quality index becomes ‘critical’ after Diwali day. Also, this harmful effect of burning crackers persists for several days after daylight.

During fireworks, metal salts and explosives undergo a chemical reaction that releases many toxic chemicals into the atmosphere in the form of smoke. These include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, which are unfortunately responsible for climate change. Fireworks produce highly toxic gases and pollutants that contaminate air, water and soil. which are harmful to birds, wildlife, pets, wildlife and humans. It seriously affects a person’s mental health and causes hormonal imbalance.

In comparison, green or green arrows are environmentally friendly fireworks and can reduce air pollution caused by traditional fireworks. These are developed by CSIR, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. These green arrows include flower pots, pencils, sparklers, maroons, bombs and chalks and were developed by the National Environmental and Engineering Research Institute Laboratory. These crackers are approved by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization. Air quality seems to be decreasing every year and smog (smoke + fog) which looks like fog during winter is increasing.

It should also be remembered that there have been many accidents due to firecrackers in the past in which children and adults have died due to fire incidents. With the production of green arrows, such accidents can also be reduced. Conventional arrows are composed of highly toxic chemicals (materials and metals) that increase particulate matter levels in the air when burned. PM 2.5 particles affect humans and cause respiratory problems.

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Very fine particles go down the throat and into the lungs and have serious long-term health effects. Such high levels of pollution affect children, pregnant women and senior citizens the most. Green arrowroot does not contain barium nitrate, which is the most dangerous ingredient present in conventional arrowroot. Green Arrows use alternative chemicals such as potassium nitrate and aluminum instead of magnesium and barium, and carbon instead of arsenic and other harmful pollutants. Regular arrows emit sound between 160-200 decibels, while green arrows are limited to about 100-130 decibels.

Pollution in Diwali is caused by fire crackers or burning crackers.
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Compared to regular arrows, these are not completely pollution free but significantly less polluting; But with all these advantages, the biggest drawback of green arrows is that only manufacturers who have an agreement with CSIR will be allowed to produce these arrows. The components and ingredients needed to make Green Arrow may not be available to everyone. So they may not be available in abundance.

About seventy percent of India’s willow is produced in Shivakashi, Tamil Nadu, which continues to be India’s leading supplier of green willow. Green Arrow has been developed to control air and noise pollution and is welcome. Although beautiful and enjoyable, fireworks usually pollute the atmosphere so green for entertainment may not be the choice of many.