Do not reheat the tea and vegetable dishes frequently.

It often happens that people reheat the same food over and over again. Leftover food at home is usually kept in the fridge and reheated before eating. But doing so is harmful to health.

Do not reheat the tea once it has been prepared. It causes deadly diseases in the body. It slows digestion and affects the digestive system.

Vegetables: Do not reheat vegetable dishes frequently. The iron in it is very beneficial for our body. But if we repeatedly heat the vegetables, the iron in them is destroyed.

Rice: If rice is heated, it becomes toxic and this causes food poisoning and makes our body worse.

Spices: Spices are high in protein. Spices should not be reheated and consumed. Eating it hot destroys the protein in the food. This affects our digestive system.

Eggs: Eggs are also high in protein. Eat eggs as soon as they are cooked, otherwise do not reheat them. After cooking the eggs a second time, the nitrogen content is lost. This increases the risk of cancer.

Potatoes: Potatoes are very easy to cook and prepare any dish from potatoes. Do not eat any food made from potato the next day. Potatoes are high in vitamin D and potassium. By reheating it frequently, the bacteria gets stuck in our food and harms our body.

Do not reheat the tea and vegetable dishes frequently.
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Experts believe that there are certain foods which, when eaten together, are equivalent to nectar. By eating these foods together, the body gets more nutrients.

Eating curd and rice together is said to be the same as Amrit. It is especially beneficial for people with stomach problems.

Eating yams with watermelon is also beneficial for health. By eating watermelon and gourd together, iron deficiency is eliminated in the body.

Those who are weak and gain weight should consume dates with milk. It strengthens the muscles and also increases weight.

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Eating turmeric and gujarati together cures many problems in the body. Consuming it together relieves gastric, indigestion, constipation problems.

Eating sugar with dates gives the body the energy it needs. Deficiency of water in the body is eliminated.