Times are changing, Many pictures of the Village have been lost

Times are changing. Many pictures of the village have been lost in the cycle of time. Large mango groves have been lost from villages, the number of Chalchapar clay houses has decreased. Clay Nandabsa wells are no longer to be seen.

Now, the sight of Gouda children returning from the herd holding the cow during the gathering time in the village Danda is no longer a sight to behold. The sound of the cowbell tied around the cow’s neck is silent. Due to the fact that many families leave the village and go to the city for their livelihood, most of the houses do not light the firewood in the evening. In the evening, the people of the village gathered around the oil lamp in the house of Bhagabat Tungi.

Many changes can be seen in the pictures of the village in Odisha. It is seen that the educated people are moving to the cities for jobs, while the farmers in the villages are suffering from farming. Many farmers are leaving their farms and moving to neighboring states for farming as the debt piles up on their heads.

Except for the coastal district, most of the villages in the state are locked. Villages are now scattered. Bari Saag is now rare. Kagji lemons, kanchalanka, pariva, eggs and fish are now sold in the village from neighboring Andhra Pradesh.

In Bhagwat’s house, there are no people to sing hymns in the evening, the sound of bells and conchs is not heard. The scene of the new daughter-in-law wearing a veil on her head and carrying a sanjwati to the chaura is no longer seen. In the morning, water does not fall in the danda, everything is lost in the cycle of time.

In the month of Kartik, the culture of Bhagavat Parayan, Rahas and Kartik Melana is carried on by the ancestors. Many people live in the city for Pet Patna, but the charm of the village has not left him. When they get time, they go to the village and take part in Bhajana Kirtan and participate in the feast. Even if they don’t want to return to the city, they are forced to return to the city for Pet Patna.

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Uttkal Gaurub Madhusudan Das wanted the development of the Odia community and rural life, today most of the villages are destitute. Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of rural development was not given the importance it was given in the country after independence.

Times are changing, Many pictures of the Village have been lost
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Cottage industries are no longer seen as before. Some politicians have gained power only by saying the name of Gandhiji and his ideals. The village schools do not have the required number of teachers and many village hospitals do not have doctors, so the patients of the villages have to go to the city. The peaceful environment of rural life is gradually becoming turbulent for politics. While addiction continues to grip the youth, various types of crimes are increasing day by day.

There is no long-term statutory plan by the Central and State Governments to develop the rural economy in the country, to transform every village into a model village and to provide employment to the villagers. Even after 76 years of independence, pictures of the Village of the rural economy has stagnated rather than developed. Due to a flawed economy, the number of disadvantaged people continues to grow. Education, health care, irrigation, agriculture systems have been destroyed. In the same way, in the field of economic occupations, pottery making pottery, iron working workshops are working.

The tendency to work among the laborers in the village is no longer found. Most people have developed a free-to-eat attitude. The culture of working among people has completely changed. People are forced to leave the village for life and livelihood due to lack of employment opportunities. How will the country develop?

Times are changing, Many pictures of the Village have been lost
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Even if there is no water in the land, if the farmer complains, no one listens. Even if the farmer loses all his crops in floods, cyclones, droughts and one-day rains, he does not get the necessary support to compensate for those losses. There are allegations that farmers are forced to commit suicide by taking loan money from village Mahajan, Mission Shakti, cooperatives or banks.