How to manage diabetes !

India now has over 101 million people living with diabetes – a rise from 77 million in 2019. Diabetes is a chronic lifestyle condition that needs to be managed properly to lessen the risk of other health problems in the future.

Here are steps on how to manage diabetes :

Decide whether you want to have this meal at home or when you get to work but keep it nutritious. Limit empty calories and cut back on salt and saturated fat. 

Snack smart: Keep healthy snacks at hand – fruits, salad, nuts, yogurt – for when cravings hit. Also remember to stay hydrated with water over sugary and caffeinated drinks.

Healthy Lunch Matters: A diabetes-friendly diet includes leafy greens (like spinach), non-starchy vegetables (like carrots, tomatoes, onions, okra, cauliflower), healthy carbs (like whole grains and brown rice), lean proteins (including eggs, beans, and chicken), and fruits low in carbohydrates (such as oranges).

Stick to your medication routine: In case you need to take any medication at work, be sure to set reminders – maybe on your phone or with a post-it note on your desk.

Get moving: Physical activity helps people with diabetes manage their condition better. Try fitting exercise into your routine before or after work.

Learn to manage stress: When you are stressed, you may notice your glucose levels changing. Sometimes, you may be overwhelmed at work.

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