Breeding season has begun for the rare Olive Ridley Turtle.

The breeding season for the rare olive ridley turtle has begun. In this context, for their safe arrival and mass spawning, a crackdown has been issued by the Department of Forestry and Marine Fisheries on marine fishing in Odisha coast. It will be effective from Wednesday.

Due to this, 3 lakh traditional and non-traditional fishermen of Puri district, including 25 thousand fishermen under Astarang block, have been threatened with direct and indirect loss of livelihood. 20 km from the beach for 6 months from November to June for turtle protection. Marine waters have been declared a restricted area. Movement of motorized fishing trawlers and boats in the area has been restricted.

In order to protect the Olive Ridley, the State Government’s Fisheries and Wildlife Department has issued a notification banning all fishing boats, boats and trawlers engaged in mechanical fishing within these marine waters. Along with this, the Forest Department, Marine Fisheries Department, State Police and Coast Guard have been empowered to protect turtles.

According to the Wildlife Act 1972, the government has listed sea turtles in Schedule (1) of the Act to protect endangered species. Ashtrang Devi Muhana Abvahika is famous for meeting these turtles. Among the 5 famous places in the world for encountering Olive Ridley turtles, Astarang Beach is ranked third. In 1981, this rare marine animal was first seen in the Astarang Devi estuary.

In 1996, the U.S. Court of International Trade ruled that the U.S. would not import shrimp from countries where the U.S. is importing shrimp if there is a risk to sea turtles when the shrimp is caught from the ocean and measures are not taken to avoid it. In this context, this law is being implemented in our state by the decision of the central government.

Breeding season has begun for the rare Olive Ridley Turtle.
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Balaram Sahu, Astarang forest ranger, said, “Five temporary camps have been set up from Astarang forest range from Devi mouth to Keluhani mouth and staff have been deputed to ensure maritime security.” Puri Bankhande Forest Officer Ramaswamy.P said, “For the protection of the rare species of exotic sea guest Olive Ridley turtle, from Astarang Devi mouth to Brahamgiri Arkhakuda mouth, strict measures have been taken to jointly observe marine curfew by the Coast Guard, Odisha Police and Forest Department.