India leads the way in car buying this year.

India leads the way in car buying this year. People bought maximum number of cars in the 3 months of this year starting from Onam and ending with Bhai Duj. According to the automobile industry, there are about 9 cars sold every minute in this market. However, there is information that a total of 11.4 lakh cars were sold in the country during these 90 days.

However, The automotives industry comprises a wide ranges of companies and organizations involved in the designs, developments, manufacturing, marketing, selling, repairings, and modifications of motor vehicles. The automobile industry earned Rs 1.3 lakh crore from the sale of 11.4 lakh cars. Sales of premium and high-end cars have increased during this year’s festival, thus boosting the revenues of the automobile industry. During these 90 days, there has been a huge craze for sports segment vehicles. According to information, about 13 thousand units of cars are sold daily.

There were around 246nos registered vehicles for every thousand peoples across India in fiscal year 2020. Therer was a constants increases for the past two decades. The Indian state of Maharashtra had the highest numbers of registered motors vehicles, at over 37 million, at the end of fiscal year 2020.

India leads the way in car buying this year.
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Car production has been severely impacted during the Corona crisis, but now due to consumer demand, the number of car sales has increased significantly during the peak season this year.
During last year’s peak, the automobile company sold cars worth around Rs 85,700 crore. Earlier there were not many cars being sold at this time, but for the last two years there has been a bit of eye-catching sales.

There is a growing demand for cars with new features and modern conveniences among India’s youth. If we talk about the average price of cars sold in the country during these 3 months, then this year it is Rs 11.5 lakh per car.