Malkangiri is the Launch Pad of Odisha’s Development

Malkangiri is my favorite. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said that Malkangiri is the launch pad of Odisha’s development. He said this while launching the Laxmi Bus Scheme in Malkangari today. On this occasion, the Chief Minister traveled from Malkangari to MV-03 by paying Rs. 10 in the first bus of the scheme and launched BQS there.

At the beginning, the Odisha’s chief minister Naveen Patnaik said, amid clapping of the enthusiastic crowd, cheers and cheers of women, “It is from Malkangiri that I have started major schemes like a single stick of rice, Biju health welfare scheme. I am very happy to launch another important scheme ‘Lakshmi Yojana’ today”.

Highlighting the role of Malkangari in the development of Odisha, the Chief Minister said that the proposal of 10 lakh rupees in Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana for mothers came from Malkangari. He also said that our Lakshmi Yojana is also related to Malkangiri. From the Chief Minister’s office’s visit to Malkangiri, he came to know about the plight of the people. After that, this Lakshmi Yojana was conceived, he said. This plan will transform our transport system. It will further strengthen our economy and bring prosperity to villages, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said.

The Chief Minister said that more than one thousand buses will run in the entire Odisha’s districts under this scheme. 36 buses ran in Malkangari today. 111 Panchayats of Malkangari got bus facility. Naveen Patnaik said that all this has started a new trend of development in the Panchayat. The Chief Minister informed that in the first phase, buses will run in Malkangari, Nabarangpur, Koraput, Rayagada, Gajapati and Kandhamal under Lakshmi Yojana.

The Chief Minister also said that communication is the basis of development. Lakshmi Yojana will connect everyone with development. The bus will come to the house. The child will be linked to the school and college. Connect farmers to markets. Take the patient to the hospital. Mothers and sisters can conveniently go to different places for their work. The Chief Minister said that Lakshmi Yojana will bring happiness in homes.

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Throwing light on the Aam Odisha Naveen Odisha programme, the Chief Minister said that soon Malkangari will be included in it. It has the convenience of a city in a village. He said that with the development of banking, internet, digital infrastructure, our culture will also spread. Commenting on the importance of Gurpriya Setu, the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said that it is a big milestone in the development of Malkangiri. Through this bridge, the light of development has come to Swaviman area.

In the program Nabarangpur MP Ramesh Chandra Majhi gave a welcome speech and said that all the new schemes started by the Honorable Odisha’s Chief Minister are from Malkangari district. Therefore, on behalf of the people of Malkangiri district, thank you very much to the Chief Minister. Due to Laxmi Bus, the people of the village will be greatly benefited by the introduction of buses to the hinterland of Malkangari.

Malkangiri is the Launch Pad of Odisha's Development

As one of the guests, Chittarakonda MLA Shri Pun Chandra Baka said that today is a historic day for the people of Malkangari district. Due to construction of Gurpriya Bridge in Swaviman area by Hon’ble Chief Minister, our area has developed a lot.

Participating as one of the guests, State Commerce and Transport Minister Tukuni Sahu said that the Hon’ble Chief Minister starts all the schemes he thinks at the grass root level. Our Lakshmi Yojana is starting today in 6 districts.

Through the Lakshmi Yojana, vehicles will be transported from Panchayat to Block and from Block to District Headquarters. Rural farmers, students, mothers and sisters will all benefit through this. A bus stand is being constructed in every block under the direction of Hon’ble Chief Minister. This will improve the bus service.