Good films have no place in Odisha, Producer of ‘Mind Game’ says.

Good films have no place in Odisha. I am happy today after doing a good film. Along with this, Sridhar Martha has opened up about the ongoing controversy regarding the film Mind Game. Mr. Martha cried from the beginning of the press conference. In a full voice, he said, “It was my mistake to make a good movie.” After five years of continuous efforts, the movie was made. Today the producer is being killed.” Martha has alleged that Tutu Nayak is behind all this.

He challenged Tutu Naik, President of the Producer Association, if you have the courage, then set an example by making a good film. Just promoting yourself in front of the TV is of no use. On the issue of Manoj Mishra’s ban, Martha said that Tutu Nayak does not want good films to be made in Odisha because he is trying to get publicity by promoting the film that his father made in his life.

If you have the courage, take Manoj Mishra and make Odia film. With this, he has alleged that Tutu’s hand is behind everything that is going on in the Odia film industry. Sridhar asked Tutu Nayak that he is getting benefit from politics. “How did you ban Manoj Mishra one by one?” Sponsors’ cursed tears will burn you.

Sridhar Martha, the sponsor of ‘Mind Game’, said that after this incident, he will seek legal protection.

Good films have no place in Odisha, Producer of 'Mind Game' says.

Actor and Cine Artists Association editor Shritam Das said, Manoj came from West Odisha and became the number one artist here, he is in a big place. He is the son of Odisha. There’s a bit of tension in our family. It sounds like our family has been in and out, it will be resolved in a few days and we will work together.

There is no need to be political about it. This incident should not be politicized. I would request all the politicians in front of the media not to get involved in this, because we will settle the matter of our family. We will sit down and solve it.