Never bite your nails and keep the kitchen clean; Maa Lakshmi gets angry.

If you follow this path, you will always get the grace of Maa Lakshmi and will never lack food. Food is said to be a blessing from God. So do not starve of bread. Vastu scriptures have some special rules for preparing food and also for taking food.

Always keep the kitchen clean. Do not enter the kitchen without bathing. Or enter the kitchen in the morning after changing from the clothes you wore at night.

Always be happy when preparing meals. Be careful not to fall behind while preparing meals. A kitchen needs plenty of sunlight. Always face east while preparing food. It is said that if you prepare food facing the west, there will be health problems for the family members.

If there is lack of wealth in the house, look towards the north and eat. The head of the house should always look towards the north and eat. Pay obeisance to your east deity before eating. Give the cow a loaf of bread every day. Due to this, there is no shortage of money in the house. The health of the family members remains healthy.

Do not leave the dishes on the stove for too long. This brings in negative energy. If you have a dining table at home, you must keep some food items on it. Do not use TV or mobile at all during meals. Clean up eating areas after meals. After the meal offer thanks to Maa lakshmi.

Everyone wants an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the house, good understanding and love between the members, wealth to come, and negative energy to be removed. For these things you need to pay attention to certain aspects. A lot of problems have to be faced for those mistakes done knowingly and unknowingly.

Never bite your nails and keep the kitchen clean; Maa lakshmi gets angry.
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While eating, face east or north. Do not eat with shoes and sandals on. Doing so results in loss of wealth. Lack of wealth continues.

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Don’t keep the flowers attached to God at home. According to Vastu, dry flowers should not be kept in the house. It is also said that wealth decays. Do not touch butter or milk with bare hands. By doing this, Maa lakshmi is pleased and there is no shortage of wealth. Do not consume yogurt at night.

Never bite your nails. Maalakshmi would get angry if there was such a bad habit. Always go to bed before sunrise. In a house where family members sleep even after sunrise, there is unrest in the house. No improvement. Money is also spent unnecessarily.

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