The Israeli army plans to invade the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army plans to invade the Gaza Strip. However, the biggest challenge for the operation of the Israeli army will be the underground secret tunnels of the terrorist group Hamas. Many experts have warned Israel about this. Hamas’ conflict with populated areas is a major part of Israel’s security challenges.

A spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces said yesterday that they had destroyed part of the Hamas tunnel network. But this is not an easy fight. In 2021, the Israel Defense Forces claimed to have destroyed more than 100 km of the Hamas tunnel network. But a senior Hamas leader claimed at the time that the Hamas tunnel network in Gaza was 500 km long.

Of this, only 5 percent has been destroyed. The Israeli military has repeatedly claimed that Hamas militants have expanded and are hiding in the Gaza Strip since taking control of the Gaza Strip in 2007. Hamas is working to further strengthen and expand its tunnel network.

Hamas Sudung is considered the ‘Gaza Metro’ by the Israeli army. The Israeli military claims that humanitarian aid sent to Gaza has been used to build infrastructure for Hamas programs. These guns play a major role in the surprise attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel on October 7. This was the greatest failure of Israel’s leadership.

Sophisticated sensors have been installed on Israel’s border with Gaza. It can provide advance information on any type of movement direction. But there was no sign of this before the Hamas attack. It is said to have played a major role in this secret operation of the Hamas group. The biggest question is that Israel’s fence with Gaza is 30 feet high. There is also an underground concrete barrier.

The Israeli army plans to invade the Gaza Strip
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So the question arises as to how they entered Israel without opening the door under the fence and the barrier. Israel believes that Hamas has kept Israeli citizens in this prison and has expressed its concern. However, before Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip, this tunnel network was used for smuggling.