Have you kept the same wallet for many years?

Wealth is very important in life. This is why he works hard day and night to earn money and try to save. But sometimes money cannot be saved even if you try. Lack appears. As a result, one has to face financial problems. There is no money in the wallet or excessive spending.

If there is such a problem, everyone is very worried. There are some ways in astrology related to wallets, if you pay attention to those ways money will be saved properly and financial problems will be solved. It is often seen that people keep the same wallet for many years. Even after the wallets is broken, the wallets is still used. But keeping a cracked wallet is awkward.

This makes Maalakshmi unhappy. As a result, financial problems persist. So always use a clean and proper wallet. Replace the wallets as soon as it cracks. According to astrology, never keep useless papers in your wallet. Many people keep lots of old paper in their wallets. By doing so, there is no money in the wallet at all. There are also unnecessary expenses.

Always keep the wallets clean. Some people are seen keeping pictures of Goddesses in their wallet. Even after a few days that photo is destroyed, poverty comes in the house and there is a lack of wealth. So don’t do that.

Some simple methods are described in astrology. Observance of which leads to many auspicious results. He wants to save and increase his wealth. It is often seen that money is being spent unnecessarily. No matter how much money you keep in your wallet, it will be empty. So know some simple ways to always have money in your wallet.

Have you kept the same wallet for many years?
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  • Keeping a few rice in the purse brings wealth and success.
  • Keeping some rice in the purse does not empty the money.
  • Money can also be saved as desired.
  • By keeping rice in the purse one does not spend unnecessarily.
  • A photo of Kuber along with a photo of Maalakshmi must be kept at home to increase wealth and always have money in the wallet. This eliminates financial problems.
  • Keeping a gold or silver rupee in the purse is beneficial. Worship it to Goddess Lakshmi and keep it in your purse.