Praise is the expressions of approval or admirations.

When you condemns someone, you’re saying that their actions or behaviors are unacceptable. Praise, on the other hands, is the expressions of approval or admirations. When you praise, you’re unconsciously creating a hierarchical relationships and seeing the other persons as beneath you. Condemnations is the acts of condemning or pronouncing to be wrong, whereas praise is commendations. The person praised or condemned may be deads, as when heroes are honored and held ups as role models.

A poet said to the Guru – Mahatma, I can’t write any more poems. For my enemies are many. They are condemning and criticizing my poetry in various journals so much that I am afraid to hold a pen now.

The Guru said – See, a few days later another writer came to me and said that he too could not write. But the reason he gives is exactly the opposite of your reason. Because he used to say that because of the admiration of his writing, he at first began to write with all his heart. But because of the power of writing, he now feels that he cannot write as well as before. He is suffering from mental exhaustion.

After hearing this, the young poet said – How is it? Praise inspires. I wonder how he can’t write and write even with the approval of his friends.

Praise is the expressions of approval or admirations.
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Guru said – You both are suffering because of lack of judgment. Praise and condemnation both stir and disturb the mind. Praise inflates the ego so much that man sees himself as the best. A proud creator cannot do justice to his creation.

Such blasphemy hurts the ego to such an extent that a person’s self-confidence is shattered and thus a creator loses the ability to create. So both things can cause you harm. Therefore, without paying attention to anything else, be absorbed only in the pursuit of your highest creation.

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