Dance Bars crossing the Border: Dancing, Partying till late Night

Dance bars are breaking the rules in the capital of Odisha. Dance bars continue to violate the policy. Various complaints have been made against dance bars. Sometimes there are allegations of harassment of dancers and sometimes of rioting, harassment, assault on customers.

Now, in a bar at Bhubaneswar, there have been serious allegations such as torturing a dancer in lieu of payment, forcing him to have physical relations with customers, keeping the bar open till dawn and engaging in dancing, beating him up and threatening to kill him. However, many such complaints have been made before. When there is a complaint or there is a violation of the law, the police and Abkari police station are sitting in silence and sat quietly with half-eyes closed.

According to the information received, one of the bars has been violating the law multiple times. According to the information received from the police, a few days ago, two employees were arrested for assaulting a customer at the Rangila bar in Ashoknagar.

Similarly, on December 2022, 8 bars were jointly raided by police and illegal squad. Rangila Bar and Ekamer Bar were found violating the bar rules after 12:00 pm. Show cause notices were issued to these 2 bars by the Office of the Superintendent of Excise. Not only these two incidents, but the dance bar also accused the police of taking young women without permission.

At that time, the commissionerate police wrote a letter to the Excise superintendent to seal the bar. The incident of bars going on until late at night has come to light many times. The South City Bar in Tamando was in the limelight over the death of a senior journalist’s son. While the bar was in the name of Pradyuman Jena, it was run by Havildar and the then editor of the constable union, Prasanna Behera.

While the police themselves were running this bar, the local police station was also blessed. There have been serious allegations like riots inside the bar, shootings outside, fatal attacks on customers inside the bar, misbehavior of young women. There are even allegations of bar dancers being engaged in prostitution. However, Abkari Officer Vikas Naik said, regular inspection is being done, register is being submitted by the dance bar.

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Dance Bar crossing the Border: Dancing, Partying till late Night
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After giving notice to the two accused, the police left, the complainant met the DCP

The police are investigating the complaint brought by two dancers against the authorities of Rangila Bar in Ashoknagar. Bar has called 2 persons and recorded their statement and issued notice in CRPC-41. Similarly, 2 accused dancers have met the DCP today. They have complained to the DCP that no action has been taken against the accused.

Based on the complaint of the dancer, a case has been filed against the accused under IPC Sections-341, 323, 294, 506 and 34. There are 3 accused in this case, they are Parth, Om and Mohan. Notably, a dancer from Puri Brahmagiri area complained that they are being forced to dance till dawn. They even threaten to kill them if they don’t spend the night with them. He complained that he was being tortured if he was not paid.