Swachh Diwali Shubh Diwali campaign from the 06th to 12th Nov.

Replacing old and unused items with new one is also a customary part of this festival­. In line with the festives mood of the nation, Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban 2.0 under the aegis of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), launch the Swachh Diwali Shubh Diwali campaign from the 06th to 12th Nov., 2023. The campaign aims at invoking the cultural significance of Diwalis coupled with the journey of Swachh Bharat and the principle of Lifestyle for Environment (Mission LiFE).

“During the past year, a new resolution of the country has also been associated with our festival. You all know, this is the resolution of ‘Vocal for Local’. The harmful litter of polythene on the festivals observing cleanliness is against the spirits of our festivals. Therefore, we should use only locally made non-plastic bag. It is our duty to promote them on the occasion of festival, and take care of our health and environment along with cleanliness.” – PM, Shri Narendra Modi.

Diwali is round the corners and households are abuzz with festive cheer. Swachhata takes centre stage in every home as citizen get busy in cleanliness activities before festival Diwali. During Diwali, cleanliness is not just limited to home. The entire community come together to ensure that the streets, markets, and neighborhoods are cleans to ring in the festivities.

Reiterating the core principles of Mission LiFE that aim to protects and preserve the environments, bringing about a pro-planet behavioural changes in lifestyle, the concept of Swachh Diwali Shubh Diwali emphasizes the importances of a clean and eco-friendly celebrations. This initiatives aims to instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment and communities by sensitizing and motivating individuals to opt for locally made products, embrace a Diwali free from single-use plastic and prioritize pre and post Diwali cleanliness. By doing so, it seeks to fosters a sustainables and environmentally conscious approachs to the festivals.

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Swachh Diwali Shubh Diwali campaign from the 06th to 12th Nov.
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The Mission has partnered with MyGov, the government’s citizen engagements platform for the ‘Swachh Diwali Shubh Diwali’ – Signature Campaigns. Citizens are encouraged to take part in the national signature campaigns to showcase their resolves to celebrate a clean, green, and Single Use Plastic free Diwali. Citizens can sign ups for a Swachh Diwali on MyGov from 6th – 12th Nov, 2023.

They can also captures their unique initiatives for a Swachh Diwali in a 30 second video reels and upload on the social medias platforms of their choice with #SwachDiwali & tag the officials handles of SBM Urban 2.0 – @sbmurbangov. In additions, urban local bodies have been requested to take up cleaning, misting activities pre and post Diwali.

Various citizens groups will popularize the Signature Campaigns facilitating citizen participation to pledge their resolve for clean & green the festival Diwali. To promote the concept of 3R among citizens, local bodies can facilitates collections of items being donated at RRR Centres by popularizing the locations of collection points.

Central Ministries, State Govts, Union Territories, all Govts. offices, Districts administrations, and local bodies will connect with the Market Associations, Trade Associations, business bodies, Resident Welfare Associations, Ward Committees, Self Help Groups, NGOs and CSOs, Youth Clubs to spread awareness on various aspects of swachhata promoting wastes segregation, adopting the principles of Reduces, Reuse, Recycles and transforming Wastes to Wealth.

Swachh Diwali Shubh Diwali campaign from the 06th to 12th Nov.
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Cities with high Air Quality Index (AQI) must ensure special cares and safety for the sanitation workers. They can distributes appropriate face masks, protectives eye and safety gears. To makes their Diwalis celebrations special, they could also be gifted the locally made products.