Do you drink water immediately after eating?

Do you Drink water immediately, after eating?

Water is absolutely essential for health. Health experts also recommend Drink Water 8 to 9 glasses every day. Drinking water in proper quantity regularly protects the body from many diseases. But there are certain foods that should not be drunk during or after eating.

Ayurveda also describes some rules regarding drinking water. However, there are some foods that drinking water after or during food causes gastric problems, acidity, indigestion.

Banana is rich in fiber. But drinking water after eating bananas is not recommended. Doing so causes gastric problems in the stomach. Digestion problems also occur.

Sour fruits like oranges, grapes, lemons. It also contains a lot of water. Drinking water after eating these fruits causes stomach ache. Curd is very beneficial for the digestive system. Also good for stomach. But do not drink water after eating curd. Drinking water causes many stomach ailments.

Do you drink water immediately after eating?
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Similarly, do not drink water after or while eating ragua or chatt patta. Always eat milk or curd when angry. But drinking water increases the problem of heartburn.

Are you eating junk food?

Many foods are good for health. Nutrients in food meet many of the body’s needs and boost immunity. Meets the needs of the body. However, there is a right time to eat certain foods. He may not know that.

Drinking warm milk at night is very beneficial and relaxing for the body. But you should drink milk only if you work hard and exercise at the right time during the day.

Consuming curd during the day makes it easier to digest. It is said that it is good to eat banana when it is dry. It is best to eat pulses and beans in autumn.

Meat is high in protein. So Meat should not be eaten at night. Can be eaten twice a month in very small quantities. It is best to eat rice in the mid-day meal.

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Do you drink water immediately after eating?
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Apple is very beneficial to eat it in the morning. But eating apple at night is likely to cause some stomach problems. Eating cheese in the morning or during the day is said to be beneficial.