The historic Bali Yatra of Cuttack begins today.

The historic Bali Yatra of Cuttack begins today. This journey carrying King’s Smuti will continue till December 4th. This year, emphasis is being laid on making the 8-day Bali Yatra more attractive, safe and organized and on maintaining better coordination between various departments.

Cuttack District Collector Bhavani Shankar said in a press conference . This time the rural image of Cuttack in Cuttack will be the main attraction in Bali Yatra. 1200 to 1800 stalls are opened in the fair. Apart from this, the fish tunnel is also one of the attractions. There will be dedicated e-rickshaws for passengers to and from the parking lot. There are 4 entrances and exits for crowd control. Every morning there will be a procession. 250 temporary toilets have been arranged within the passenger facility area. Bollywood singer Anu Malik will also participate in the cultural program.

The sandpit is seen moving for sandblasting. The administration has made elaborate arrangements to make this historic festival more attractive. A selfie zone has been prepared for the youth. About 10 selfie zones have been prepared in Cut-in-Cut. Similarly, there is also an arrangement of underwater tunnel aquariums. The swings are also ready. In addition, the organizers have planned to organize various cultural programs. Security has also been tightened to keep an eye on the crowd. Commissionerate Police has specially planned to control the traffic system.

The historic Bali Yatra of Cuttack begins today.
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While it has been decided to increase the number of Ormas stalls to 400 this year, the tourism department has emphasized on placing Bali Yatra in the tourism register. While there is a proposal by the Department of Information and Public Relations for wide publicity of Bali Yatra through media advertisement, it is proposed to organize a travel program with state level media representatives to give national status to the Bali Yatra festival.

It is also proposed to increase the financial support of the government. Emphasis has been placed on streamlining traffic management, deployment of additional force to make Bali journey safe and orderly.