The ways to be a better person!

The ways to be a better person to read this story, Under twelve years old. At that time, Sanjay was studying in the fifth standard. Vikas Sir used to take her on a bicycle to participate in school level competitive exams. There he was encouraged to do something new by seeing the contestants.

At that time, since there was no tube well in the village, the only hope of the children was the only pond in the village. The women of the village used to take water from the pond and boil it. Because the rice was not cooked in the well water. Everyone was bathing in that pond and the cows were also being bathed.

Seeing all this, Sanjay asked Sir and said that there is a need for a tube well in the village and if the people of the village applied to BDO to clean and purify the pond filled with Calcutti team, the problem could have been solved. Sanjay spoke about this repeatedly in the village, but no one listened to him.

The ways to be a better person!
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He himself gathered some friends and walked for ten kilometers and reported the problem to the village. BDO accepted the request of the small child and arranged for the installation of a tubewell in the village and the cleaning and purification of the village pond. As a result, people were saved from dysentery.

One day the school inspector came to his school. The children asked what will happen when they grow up. Sanjay said I will be a BDO. Because he asked about the problems of the village. Vikas sir told the inspector how the tubewell was sitting in the village due to Sanjay. Hearing this, the inspector was very happy and told all the children what are the ways to be a better person.

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