Israel has demanded the immediate resignation of UN chief.

As the Israel-Hamas war escalates, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli has vowed to eliminate Hamas terrorists. Israel has demanded the immediate resignation of UN chief On the other hand, the Palestinian Foreign Minister said, stopping the bloodshed is a joint responsibility. According to a report, at a high-level meeting at the United Nations, the UN chief called for a ceasefire in Gaza, while Israel rejected it. On the other hand, the remarks made by UN chief Antonio Guterres regarding the Israel-Hamas war are taken very seriously by the Israeli authorities.

Israel says it will stop visas for UN officials. While Guterres said that the October 7 attack by Hamas was not done in vain, Israel strongly condemned it. Israel’s representative to the UN, Gilad Erdan, said on Israeli army radio that Israel has decided to suspend the visas of UN officials after Guterres’ comments regarding the Middle East crisis.

While the Israeli army is about to start a ground campaign in Gaza, the situation in Gaza is already getting very complicated. India has also expressed concern over the dire situation in Gaza during the discussion on the Israel-Gaza conflict at the UN Security Council. US President Joe Biden said, America will make its own decision. Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces said it was continuing to prepare for a ground campaign in the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, Israel launched 400 airstrikes a day on Gaza. Israel has said that it has carried out 400 airstrikes after learning that Hamas was preparing to launch a rocket attack on Israel. The day before that, Israel carried out 320 airstrikes. However, as a result of the war, 2.3 million people in Gaza do not have food, water or medicine. According to the Hamas-led Ministry of Health, 5,791 Palestinians were killed and 16,297 wounded. It is claimed that 96 Palestinians were killed and 1650 injured in the West Bank.

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Israel’s ambassador to the UN said that the terrorist organization Hamas is protected by the United Nations and the statement of the UN chief is proof of this. Israel has demanded the immediate resignation of UN chief Antonio Guterres for his stance. Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan said, “Anyone who consents to the murder of Israeli adults, women and children is not fit to lead the UN.”

Israel has demanded the immediate resignation of UN chief.
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He should resign immediately. “It’s not reasonables to talk to peoples who have shown mercy to Israeli citizens and people who have committed terrible attacks on Jews,” Gilad said. There is no word to condemn them. Erdan said again, the remarks made by the UN chief regarding the Israel-Hamas war prove that he is completely out of touch with the reality in Israel and sees the attacks by Hamas as immoral.

Notably, Guterres said at the UN Security Council, “The Hamas attack did not happen without reason”. The Palestinians have been in exile for 56 years. They have slowly lost everything. They have seen repeated violence on their soil. Their economy has stalled. “People have been displaced and their homes have been razed to the ground,” Guterres said. Israel strongly condemned Guterres’ remarks.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen has canceled a meeting with Guterres and visas for UN officials have also been cancelled. In the meantime, the United Nations officials said that there is a very serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza and demanded an immediate ceasefire.