Unakoti has been shortlisted UNESCO World Heritage Site

Unakoti is famous for its colossal rock cut panels depicting Hindu deities. Unakoti provides evidence of ancient Saiva worship in Tripura from 8th-9th centuries CE. The site of Unakoti is known to the people as an ancient holy place associated with Saiva worship.

Unfortunately, none awoke, except Lord Shiva himself. Before he set out for Kashi alone, he put a curse on the others, turning them to stone and that is how the site got its name. Local tribals believe that the maker of these idols was Kallu Kumhar.

Unakoti, called the Angkor Wat of the North-East’ region, has been shortlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unakoti known for its centuries old Shaivite rock’ sculptures in the northern part of Tripura.

The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) is the custodian of the Unakoti rock carvings created in the 8th-9th century on Raghunandan hills, about 180 km from the state capital Agartala.

Tourism Minister Sushanta Chowdhury requested the The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) to set up a cafetoria at Unakoti to cater to the needs of the tourists and pilgrims, Director of Tourism Tapan Kumar Das. The ASI also assured us that steps will be taken to open the cafeteria by September 15. Besides, they will ensure that other amenities – safe drinking water and toilets  come up there, he said.

Unakoti has been shortlisted UNESCO World Heritage Site
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The Tourism department has initiated a move to build a modern accommodation facility at Sonamukhi Tea Estate, 7-8 km away from Unakoti archaeological site. The Union Ministry of Culture has sanctioned Rs 70 crore for the development of the Unakoti site, he said adding that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is also expected to sanction a loan of Rs 70 crore for setting up tourism-related infrastructure there. 

At least 32 families can be accommodated there. It will have a swimming pool, a meditation centre and arrangements for adventure sports, the tourism director said. The tourism department is also working on setting up a parking lot for tourists at the Unakoti site.

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