When the election season begins, the color of politics changes.

When the election season begins, the color of politics changes. The behavior of political creatures changes. Their place to speak. There is also a remarkable change in the speed of action of an emotional-affectionate friend. Once again, dreams begin to be dreamed, promises of fulfillment of unfulfilled dreams are found, love for people rises. Dreams, service, love, and commitment continue to grow. Everyone is awake before the election.

After the voting game is over, everyone is back in the bedroom. Sleepy. Both the leader and the crowd. In other words, election become our democracy. If we forget the fact that intelligence is the savior of democracy, our democracy gets caught in various disorders. Its fat increases; But inside, ‘diabetes’ continues to weaken it. The face looks smooth, but the character is full of worms. Yes, it says that this kind of character of democracy is being portrayed, given the current pace and nature of our Indian politics.

Of course, there are many reasons to be proud that we have a unique identity around the world as the largest democracy. The democratic practice and process of one hundred and forty crore Indians, full of diversity, is still in force. There is also a transfer of power through elections at regular intervals. But repeating the statement at the beginning of the discussion, “Is democracy just voting democracy?” Is it the customs, principles and ideals of a democracy to beg for a small vote, to haunt the brothers and sisters of the voter, and to sleep soundly after casting the vote?

Is it a healthy sign of democracy to sway voters with the lure of free everything from birth to death? Our democracy is now dynamic and powerless in many times. Our democracy, which has been transformed into party democracy, has now taken the form of individualism. We cannot say that any group is significantly different from other groups. Of course, the leader of the party is different, the flag is different. The pronunciation also seems to be different. But in behavior they are more or less the same.

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Instead of having a healthy discussion and working towards a solution, everyone, regardless of party affiliation, is quick to make the problem more complicated and problematic. It doesn’t take long for the dreamers to sleep in the shade, helplessly, and their dreams turn into nightmares. After one election, the veri-turi-kahali starts sounding for another election.

When the election season begins, the color of politics changes.
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The formation of various parties has started. Accepted democratic values are also being rejected in the various actions and processes of applying art-force-techniques towards achieving the sole goal of gaining power. All wounds and wounds and all are wounded. Everyone is addicted to power. Happy nectar noise. Or the excitement that runs through the veins of democracy. The mercantile factions of politics go around in the guise of public service.

Today this party and tomorrow that party. Together today and tomorrow again. When the knot is untied, the knot falls again. The original publication is no longer possible. The textbooks of democracy remain unwritten. Even if someone reads it and understands it, by the time they write it in the actual exam book, the memory is lost. The real picture of democracy cannot be seen in what is written.

Those who are supposed to be the real guides, namely the public or the media, who are in the role of testers or observers, are also oblivious to their own role in the unnatural silence. As a result, instead of the populist system remaining in force, individualism, tribalism, capitalism, terrorism rise up, and all these issues create new conflicts and make the democratic system completely dangerous.

Let us look at another important aspect of democracy. Fair distribution and decentralization of power is the essence of parliamentary democracy. The sphere of enactment and repeal of laws is the House of Representatives. A cabinet or executive will implement it by gathering the power of the majority of the assembly. Similarly, the judiciary is responsible for keeping the dignity of the Constitution intact by reviewing their actions and inactions.

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In governance, these three institutions are mutually exclusive and interdependent. Maintaining a balance in governance with each controlling the other within the separation of powers is a democratic imperative. In no case is power limited, not infinite. But if the power is concentrated in individuals (be it the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister) by narrowing down the powers of various sectors, then the arrogance of democracy will be seen.

The matter does not stop there, it has now moved from the head of government to the unelected administrators of the representative system. The Babus, who had been appointed to carry out the order in the interval, have now started their Nattamsa with the ropes of power at the forefront. Babyism has now come to the fore with an unwanted new form of democracy.

When the election season begins, the color of politics changes.
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The political science and public administration courses that I studied as a student and taught as a lecturer are now obsolete. The importance is gone. I wanted to know about the current situation and system from my answerable professor Netaji Barhat. His speech and comments were as follows – “I was watching an episode of the famous British TV series ‘Yes Minister’. In that, the newly appointed minister in the administrative affairs department called his secretary and said, ‘Keeping the promise made in the election, we will now take the lead in implementing a free and transparent governance system.’ ?’Free and government are not mutually exclusive terms, ‘free government’ is a false concept.

The justification of this comment can be felt if we look at modern democracy. People do not know how the government runs, who runs the government, who actually takes decisions in the interest of the people, how and in what way the government money is spent. Here the ‘people’ have lost their ground and the ‘Khurash’ system is in place. ‘Gan’ on his way, taking his tears and blood and ‘Khurish’ singing the song of muscular development.

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The media, which is called the fourth pillar, is no longer a medium of the people and for the people. It has become an ‘exclusive’ mouthpiece. What could be more ironic than this?