Efforts to rescue 41 workers trapped in a collapsed Tunnel.

After more than a week of efforts to rescue 41 workers trapped in a collapsed section of the Silkyara Sudong (tunnel) in Uttarkashi, Additional Secretary Roads and Transport Department Mohammad Ahmad said on Friday that the Agar drilling machine that caused some cracks on Thursday has been reactivated. And they hope to get the pipe in without any restrictions this time.

If the drilling machine is reactivated. After welding, a new pipe will be installed, which will take two hours. After two hours we will fill the pipe into the tunnel. We are hopeful that we will push the pipeline forward this time and face no hurdles this time,” said Additional Secretary Ahmed.

On November 12 last, 41 workers were trapped in a part of the under-construction tunnel from Silkyara to Barkot collapsed. The work to rescue them is going on.

41 laborers were trapped in the debris that fell on the 60-meter road on the Silkiara side of Sundang. Asked about the total length of the pipe laid to rescue the workers, Ahmed said that two more pipes of 6 meters each would have to be inserted to be successful.

Two more pipes of 6 meters each have to be installed. We hope to have success with the first 6m, which will reach 51-52m, with the next 6m long pipe. This is our own estimation and understanding. This estimate is based on some facts but these are estimates and should not be taken as accurate. But we hope to get there somehow this time and rescue them.

Efforts to rescue 41 workers trapped in a collapsed Tunnel.
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Earlier, former advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Vaskar Khulbe said that 2 meter sections of the 2 pipes had to be cut due to shrinkage due to friction during excavation. He informed that such an incident took place after the heavy duty drill was obstructed and exerted more pressure on Thursday.