An inspiring story about the Poor Peoples.

A poor person is a person who does not have the means or financial ability to meet the minimum necessities of life. Helping poor and needy people is vital to strengthen the whole society. To help them make a better life in life and for their community.

  1. We should help them whenever they are needed some help.
  2. We should respect them.
  3. We should show our love to them.
  4. We should not using bad words when we talk to them.
  5. We should care about them.
  6. We should give proper food to eat.
  7. We should not neglect them as they are incapable of doing anything by their own capacity.

An inspiring story about the poor peoples. There was a king. By nature he was very proud and arrogant. The people oppressed by him cried out. Once the king’s head was disturbed, he banished the poor from his kingdom. He said that poverty is a curse and the poor are cursed. Due to them the honor of the state is being lost.

So, the terrified poor fled into the forest on the border of the state. There was an uproar in the kingdom. The poor suffered unspeakably. How many lost and died in the forest did not stop. Anarchy spread in the kingdom. After the poor were driven out, there were no people to serve the rich. Only the king kept some people for his comfort. Frustrated, the feudal lords rebelled. As the situation became impossible, the king fled into the forest for his life.

In the forest he came face to face with the poor survivors. The king thought that this time his life was guaranteed. He thought he was getting the fruits of his labor. But to his astonishment, those people gave him hospitality and served him as best they could. The king’s head bowed in shame.

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An inspiring story about the Poor Peoples.
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Now those people became the king’s soldiers with whose help the king regained his throne. After that, the king’s thoughts changed completely. He recognized that the use of the poor was the proper retribution for his deeds, which destroyed the old king and gave birth to the new king.