Israel and the Gaza Strip are now in a decisive war!

Israel has stepped up its ground campaign in Gaza Strip and is now in a decisive battle. A senior officer of the Israeli army said, “The ground campaign will be more severe than the airstrikes that have been going on in northern Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours.” On the other hand, the Hamas group has strongly promised today that Hamas members will respond with full force to the Israeli attack.

There is continuous shelling from Israeli tanks in the Gaza . The attacks that have continued in Gaza for the past few days have become very intense. Israeli ground forces have expanded their operations in Gaza Strip during the night, Israeli army spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel said. Internet service has been disrupted in Gaza amid the war, and the entire region has been blacked out. 2.3 million people were cut off from the outside world due to the blackout.

Israeli warplanes have attacked 150 underground targets in northern Gaza . The Israeli army attacked terror tunnels, underground war sites and additional underground infrastructure overnight last night. Many Hamas terrorists have also been killed. Asem Abu Raqqa, the head of the Hamas group, has been killed, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Israel and the Gaza Strip are now in a decisive war!
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He was involved in the planning of the October 7 attack and commanded the terrorists who infiltrated Israel in paragliders. He is also responsible for drone attacks on IDF posts. The rain of bullets and airstrikes continued in the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

More than 1,400 civilians have died in Israel and the Gaza Strip war , while 7,700 have died in Gaza. On Thursday night, the Israeli war cabinet decided to increase the ground campaign in Gaza. An Israeli army spokesman reiterated its call to civilians in northern Gaza Strip to leave for southern Gaza Strip and said fighting would continue until the situation changed.