Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and BJP leader Barun Gandhi

These two brothers are Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and BJP leader Barun Gandhi. On Tuesday, elder brother Rahul Kedarnath was seen with his younger brother Barun and his wife-daughter while waiting at the airport after Kedarnath Darshan. Who can paint this face? According to eyewitnesses, it was a complete debate. Kedarnath somehow brought them both together. Both talked for about 40 minutes.

Two brothers Rahul Gandhi and Barun Gandhi. once studied together in London; But traditional conflicts and politics kept them ‘separated’. No one spoke to anyone for almost three decades. No one criticized anyone even though there were political discussions about them. He was always restrained in personal and family matters. Now, their coming together at Kedarnath Tirthatan and talking to Daibya Yoga has not only stirred up Indian politics; There is a lot of excitement among the natives about the blood relation.

Politics is not among them; There was only happy talk. Barun’s wife Jamini Rai Chowdhury also spoke to Rahul. Barun and Jamini asked what is Rahul’s ‘fitness’ mantra. Rahul was talking to Barun’s daughter Ansuya. Jhiari asked Rahul about his preferences and habits. Rahul showed her some photos. On their way back, the two brothers invited each other home. Rahul says she doesn’t have a house…, will be seen at Priyanka’s house.

It is worth noting that after Indira’s two sisters-in-law Sonia and Menka got separated, the distance between their children increased. Children rarely speak; But it is never heard to speak against someone. Barun is said to have a good relationship with his sister Priyanka; During the 2014 election, both of them had mildly criticized each other. Priyanka said- Barun has been destroyed.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and BJP leader Barun Gandhi
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In response, Barun said- Priyanka is crossing the Laxman line of courtesy. Bass, at this point both of them fell silent. In 2011, Barun invited his elder mother Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka during his wedding. He also called when the daughter was born. Rahul once said that ‘the ideology that Barun is inspired by is divisive; So it is not possible for them to come together. Barun’s status in BJP is not good recently.

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There are many rumors that he may return to the Congress. If he leaves the BJP, the two brothers may come together. From the recent meeting, there is information about the reunion of the two brothers. Baron’s skills are well known. If two brothers get together before the 2024 election; Then a new power center will emerge in Indian politics. It can be said to be the Middle Eastern yoga.

However, according to Uttarakhand BJP President Mahendra Bhatt, it has been seen that Barun has the ability to attract Rahul to Sanatan Dharma. This is important. He said that Congress is also leaning towards Sanatan.